Developing railway engineering cluster of Kazakhstan

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Developing railway engineering cluster of Kazakhstan

Within the framework of V anniversary forum of machine builders of Kazakhstan there was a section branch meeting on prospects for the development of a cluster of railway engineering, which includes 189 small and medium enterprises

Within the framework of V anniversary forum of machine builders of Kazakhstan there was a section branch meeting on prospects for the development of a cluster of railway engineering, which includes 189 small and medium enterprises.

A full-fledged cluster in this industry was created by the order of the President of Kazakhstan to implement the State program for industrial and innovative development. Due to this, it was possible to establish partnership with such leaders of the engineering industry as General Electric, Alstom, Patentes Talgo S.L., Siemens and others and enter the modern rolling stock production in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan’s enterprises manufacture cargo and passenger locomotives and electric locomotives, wagons, materials for the upper layer of the road - rails, crossings, reinforced concrete bars, sleepers, rail fasteners, repair kits and more others. During the years of independence, domestic manufacturers produced 303 locomotives, 62 electric locomotives, 552 passenger cars, 7,321 freight cars and more than 200,000 tons of rails. Thanks to this, a basis for the development of new domestic productions has been created, for example, the production of spare parts and equipment for rolling stock. As a result of the development of the industry more than 12,000 new jobs have been opened and 5,120 items of railway products have been manufactured in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan's content in manufactured products makes 37% on average, until 2020 it is planned to bring it up to 51%.

The President of Remlokomotiv JSC Talgat Lessov, the former moderator of the meeting of the industry sector of the Forum, said that work on expanding the list of products has been carried out at the enterprises of railway engineering.

"Last year the Tulpar-Talgo LLP produced 116 passenger wagons with a wide body, this fact increased the level of comfort for passengers. Until 2022 it is planned to manufacture 603 wagons with a wide body. Due to the implementation of the program for the development of high-speed passenger traffic, the time en route in the main directions decreased by 2 times," noted Lessov.

In addition, according to him, the manufacturers mastered the production of innovative freight rolling stock, in particular, gondola cars, grain trucks, fitting platforms. Their carrying capacity is increased by 20%. The run without maintenance is increased three times. The capacity of the fitting platforms is doubled. Production of passenger diesel locomotives of the TEP-33A series and electric locomotives of the KZ4AT series is mastered, it is planned to produce 75 passenger electric locomotives and 145 passenger diesel locomotives until 2020. The production of heat-strengthened rails, which were not produced in the CIS earlier, has been mastered this year. These rails are planned to produce for export to Uzbekistan this year. The Company also got certificate P65 DT350 SS.

JSC "NC" KTZ", as it is noted in The State of the Nation Address by the President of Republic of Kazakhstan, is working on the export of Kazakhstan products. Kazakhstan exported its railway products worth more than 36 billion tenge, or 100 million US dollars. In particular, 23 Kazakhstan locomotives were delivered to Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine. Kazakhstan exported to Azerbaijan 1,280 turnouts, 600 pieces of wheel tires.  5.2 thousand tons of rails -  to Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia.

The total export potential of railway products is estimated at more than 3 billion US dollars, and the geography of export covers 18 Eurasian countries. Nowadays KTZh is developing a comprehensive long-term program for the development of the car manufacturing industry. It will provide not only volumes, but issues of technical development, legislative and financial support of the state.

The cluster develops due to the state support 

Deputy Chairman of the Committee of industrial development and industrial safety of the Ministry for Investment and Development of the RK Timur Nurashev told about measures of state support of domestic railway engineering enterprises. In terms of attracting investments, the railway engineering industry is leading in machine building sector in Kazakhstan, for 6 months of this year the volume of investments has grown 20 times.

Deputy Chairman of the Transport Committee of the Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dmitry Potlov spoke about the support of consumers of railway machinery products. There were proposals for amending the legislation on financial support of national manufacturers, including subsidies for the export of products.

Head of the project management of DBK-Leasing JSC Azat Abaidildin told about financial mechanisms of support of domestic manufacturers. DBK-Leasing JSC is a subsidiary of Development Bank of Kazakhstan and also a part of "Baiterek" holding, aims to develop leasing, production, production infrastructure, attracting investments into the economy of Kazakhstan.

Mechanisms of export development and promotion 

According to director of the insurance department of Kazakh Invest JSC Kuanysh Mukazhanov, there are 1,486 exporters of finished Kazakhstani products, 110 of which export engineering products. Export contracts amounting to $ 1.9 billion have been concluded in the period of 2010-2016 and for 8 months of 2017. The amount of  $328 million falls to share of the engineering sector enterprises. The Locomotive Kurastyry Zauyty and Tulpar-Talgo are among such enterprises.

The head of the methodological service of Samruk-Kazyna JSC Mukhit Magazhanov noted that Kazakhstan's content in the products of railway engineering increases annually. Director of the Department of Technical Policy and Regulation Talgat Kanatbayev spoke about the technical policy of the Fund.

Presentation of the carriage building program in Kazakhstan 

According to the director of the technical center of JSC "NC" KTZ "Azamat Zhankeldy, within the framework of the state program of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019, the branch of railway engineering is listed among the priority sectors, therefore, the Company prepared a program for the production of freight cars. The program consists of two stages, the first stage will be implemented until 2020, the second one - until 2023. The implementation of the program will help to solve the problem of the shortage of wagons in the country. The need to adopt this program is due to the fact that an average of 3.5 thousand wagons are being decommissioned each year.

Development of powerful plants and export potential 

President of Locomotive Kurastyru Zauyty JSC Marat Tleubaev said that the park of technological equipment of the plant consists of more than a thousand machines and machining centers made by global manufacturers. Here you can make any metal products.

According to the general director of Tulpar-Talgo LLP Pascual Torres, the Company produces two new types of passenger carriages of increased capacity for Passenger transportation JSC.   The purpose of these projects is to satisfy the demand of passengers for high-speed trains, reduction the price of tickets, replacing the old cars with new ones. It should be noted that the plant has a ready-made project of trains with motor cars, which can be offered to customers to use them for long-distance routes. Work on increasing the Kazakh content is underway. The Company, which has been operating for 6 years, has produced 20 trains that meet international requirements. The Company has been working with partners in Iran, Uzbekistan and Russia during the past two years. In 2015 a set of Talgo was sent to Iran for dynamic testing. After testing the Iranians are preparing financial documents to purchase of cars.

Director of the representative office of Aktobe Rails and Section Works LLP, which opened four years ago and annually produces 200 thousand tons of rails, Nurlan Altynbekov said that the plant's goal is to master the production of shaped products, enter the global market and produce new rails 60E1 and 60E2 in accordance with the European standard EN 13674-1: 2011 and meet the demand for rails of the European standard.

According to technical characteristics, the plant's products serve for a long time, they are reliable, even superior to Russian analogues. In many ways, it is close to the quality of products of global manufacturers.

Raikhan Rakhmetova